Friday, August 22, 2008

baby's first toadstool

ack, i lied! i'm not back with a non-knitting finished object, but it's SO close. who knew that sewing on a quilt binding by hand took so long? probably lots of people, but to me, this has come as a little bit of a shock. but really truly, i think it will be done this weekend.

so instead, here's a quick little knit i finished last week. isn't it cute? it's the toadstool baby rattle from the purl bee. there is a baby who will be joining our family (NO I'M NOT PREGNANT!) early next year, and i have lots of knitting plans for this little one, so here is my first effort. how could i not make this? it used the smallest amount of scrap yarn, and is so freaking cute! i definitely plan on making this project a baby shower staple in the future.

project details here (rav link)

have a great weekend!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

mountain girl

for some reason, i thought i blogged these slippers the other day. i guess not. this is not the only instance that is causing me to think i'm going a little bit crazy, but oh well. anyway, for reals now, here are my new slippers! i know, they are neither a swallowtail shawl, nor stripey socks. but i saw them and wanted them, and both of those projects were at points where i needed to think, and these were a nice time out from that.

this is one of those projects that i doubt i ever would have heard of if it hadn't been for ravelry, and especially the new 'spy on your friends' feature. i don't remember who queued these, but i saw them and remembered that i've been wanting to make knitted slippers pretty much since i learned to knit, but have somehow managed not to. now i have!

this pattern was fun and clever, and very fast. though it took me a couple of weeks start to finish to complete these, really it only took a couple of hours per slipper. i just really spread those hours out!
anyway, it's too warm to wear these at the moment, but i really like them, and they are just one of the reasons i'm looking forward to fall.

pattern: mountain form slippers
(ravelry link, because the link to this pattern seems to be broken. i messaged the girl who wrote it, and she emailed me the pattern.)
yarn: louet riverstone, in a color called mustard

needles: size 7, then size 6, because i couldn't find my size 7 dpns. this didn't seem to make much difference size-wise. they ended up fitting perfectly.

mods: none, other than changing needle sizes, as mentioned above., if everything goes to plan, the next time i stop by here should be with a non-knitting FO! hopefully see you soon!