Monday, April 27, 2009

My Visit with Matthew (and Megan and Greta)

*edit* this is what i get for leaving myself logged into blogger when i go visit my brother, i guess. i was going to delete it, but i decided to leave it because it made me laugh, and because i've been so lazy about blogging lately. a fake post from someone else is better than no posts from me....right?!

This past weekend I drove to Vancouver to visit my brother Matthew, his wife Megan, and their new baby Greta! Greta is too cute. Megan was great. But what I was the most impressed with was how amazing my brother Matthew is. Not only is he handsome and fit, but he is so smart, caring, and insightful. I have decided that from now on, I will only knit for him. I am going to start a sweater for him now so that it will be ready for him when the fall comes. He's so great!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

confession time

i have a confession to make. with the exception of this evening, when i went to knit night, i haven't knit in a week! not even on the weekend! this just never happens. i'm either stuck or bored with all of my current projects, and what's more, i've been busy with things like yoga and gardening, and just hanging outside in the glorious sunshine we had this weekend. i don't think i've ever had a knitting rut like this before! hopefully it will all be over soon. in the mean time, i don't have much of interest to show here.

i can show the awesome package that jodi sent me last week, though. about a year ago, i signed up for jodi's pay-it-forward deal. the idea was that jodi would send me something in the next year, and in exchange, i would send something to three others, and so on and so on. well, i have another confession to make: i think my year is just about up and i haven't sent my packages off yet! all three are underway though. so kate, karen, and shannon? i'm sorry! just hold tight and i will get them to you very soon.

but let's not focus on my shortcomings...let's focus on the cool stuff jodi sent me! i got a beautiful, squishy spring scarf (which i have already worn tons, and my knitting group loved it!), some gorgeous alpaca/merino sock yarn from the plucky knitter, and some cute sheepy soap (which smells just like snowcake, from lush, one of my favorite soaps ever). and some tea, which is already gone, so i can't show you that. anyway, it was a lovely, lovely thing to receive last week, so thank you so much jodi.

that's all i got for now...hopefully i'll be back soon with something other than excuses!