Monday, July 30, 2007

finally, a new project

i'm a little limited in what i can knit right now - all of my yarn and needles are stashed away at home and now trapped behind a wall of plastic while our kitchen gets worked on. pretty much everything in our house is inaccessible at the moment, which can be frustrating when you realize that something you need is not one of the things you thought to bring with you to the temporary digs! so while i would like to start a new sweater (no, i didn't finish brigitte yet...i haven't even touched it in over a week!), i have to make do with what i decided to bring with me. and what i brought with me is two skeins of socks that rock, in the watermelon tourmaline and farmhouse colorways to make...a chevron scarf, of course!

this has actually turned out to be a good project to work on while staying at what i am now calling 'the hotel,' - it's pretty mindless and easy, but really fun to watch the color combinations develop, and it's keeping me pretty entertained for the moment. plus, i want a long scarf so it should take me a while. i've set myself what should be a pretty easy goal - to have it done by the time we move back to our place, which should be in about a month. i have about a foot done so far:

i fell in love with this combo of yarns the first time i saw them together in a chevron scarf - i knew i had to make one myself. and now that i finally am, i still really love these colors together. i think my watermelon tourmaline is a little heavy on the light green, so that color is dominating a little more than i would like, but that's really my only complaint so far. that, and i wish there was more of the beautiful goldenrod and olive green in my skein of farmhouse! but i can already tell this will be a much-loved scarf. and i love the back as much as the front. it looks like pointillism!

and if i finish it up sooner than i expected, i have another scarf project ready in the wings. my clementing shawlette has languished at the bottom of my knitting bag for too long now, and i've decided i'm not in love with the project anymore, so away it goes! instead, i'm going to use the yarn, which is a lovely ivory skein of handmaiden sea silk, to make the montego bay scarf from the summer interweave knits. i like how slinky this scarf is, and i especially like the braided fringe. i think i will make this for my mom for christmas.

alrighty, i have to go back to my real house to pick up my mail now!