Monday, September 17, 2007

eight random things

carrie tagged me for the eight random things meme. how exciting! i've never been tagged before. i know practically the whole blog world has done this already, but this is a first for me.

so let's see...

  1. apparently i'm a really picky eater, even though i don't really feel like i am. i don't like most cheese, mushrooms, pickles, olives, cottage cheese, or cantaloupe. *shudders*
  2. when i was little and learning to write, i would pick up the pencil with my left hand and start writing, and then halfway across the page i would pick up with my right hand and finish writing. my mom made me just choose a hand, so now i write with my left, though i do a lot of other things with my right hand.
  3. i have a regular, m-f job, but on sundays i also work at lush for a few hours, purely for the discount. i've worked there over two years now!
  4. i'm obsessive about getting my hair cut, and keeping my fingernails really short. if i let either go too long, i go nuts.
  5. i have lots of little random collections: vintage japanese mugs, vintage buttons, and old state postcards - the ones with the map of the state and little drawings of that state's industry and attractions all over. i don't have all 50 states yet though, so if you have any you don't want, let me know!
  6. i lived in england for a year, for grad school. london and i didn't really click - i liked it ok, but couldn't wait to come home, though i still desperately miss marks & spencer!
  7. i have a big and totally irrational fear that when i pull out the plug in the bath tub when i'm done taking a bath, cockroaches are going to swarm up the drain and attack me. i've never even seen a cockroach in seattle! i grew up in phoenix though, and everyone has them. they tormented me throughout my childhood.
  8. i drink a LOT of tea. i live in seattle, where coffee reigns, but i don't drink the stuff. i do, however, drink several cups of tea a day, and i have a whole cupboard devoted to the stuff at home. my favorite is vanilla earl grey with milk.
sheesh, that was hard! i don't think i'll tag anyone in particular - if you want to list eight random things about yourself, consider yourself tagged.

i have two posts-in-progress that i'm working on. i'm just waiting on the chance to get good pictures. more later this week!