Monday, October 22, 2007

my knitting gets a new home

how has it been two weeks since my last post? i have no idea! i'm sorry to say i still don't have much to report on, but yesterday, i did get some exciting mail. a month or so ago, karen made a fabulous knitting bag, and i fell in love with it. she suggested we do a little swap, and then she proceeded to make ME! a fabulous knitting bag too! after the postal service sent the bag on a little adventure from new mexico to washington to georgia and then back to washington, it finally arrived on my doorstep. and it was worth the wait!

i love the nautical theme karen went for, and i love the combination of mint green and red. so cute! she's really thought through her construction of these bags as well, and has included little nooks for needles, notions and projects. plus, i think it's the perfect size for carting around town. i think i'll be getting a lot of use out of it. she also kindly sent along some cute fabric-covered buttons, some candy, some vintage bright red knitting needles (!) and an adorable pin cushion that i am obsessing over. of course, i don't have pictures of any of that, but rest assured, it's all good, and i'll try to take pictures over the weekend when i have some daylight hours for picture taking. thanks again karen! i'll swap with you any day.

in actual knitting news, the drops jacket is getting very close to being done. i just have to finish up the right front and do one other sleeve (the first one only took a couple of hours), so i'm anticipating finishing this up maybe this week? don't hold me to that though!

what are your thoughts on blocking before vs. blocking after seaming? this sweater is going to be heavy...i'm scared that if i block it after seaming, it will never ever dry. but blocking all the pieces separately seems like a pain. i don't know. you tell me!