Sunday, November 11, 2007

some good things

1. any carrie brownstein/sleater kinney fans out there? i found out the other day that carrie now has a blog on the npr website. i love her, so this excites me greatly.

2. i ordered
this on amazon this week. i'm picturing lots of evenings knitting in front of the tv in my future (as if that's not what i already do every night, but still...yay!)

3. i also ordered a beardy man print from ashley g, after spotting it on the design*sponge blog. i love those beardy men! (can you tell i just got paid and have money burning a hole in my pocket...?)

4. i started some noro silk garden lite socks this week, and they are flying along. the first one is done! they're my first toe-up socks, and i don't know if it's just the fact that i'm knitting them on size 4 needles or what, but toe-up seems so much faster! i think it's psychological...the foot part is always what seems to take the longest for me with socks, so getting that out of the way first seems so liberating. i'm so much in love with these socks.

i knit the foot slightly too long, but otherwise, it's really cute!