Monday, April 14, 2008

fire on earth

hello blog friends! it's been a while since i last posted, but i've been diligently working away on things. what things? well, as i mentioned in my last post, i started a project that, to me, fits in so perfectly with this new-ish round of project spectrum, earth. for most people, 'earth' probably suggests greens and browns, but to this arizona-raised girl, earth means yes, brown, but also gold, terra cotta, pink, red...basically, the colors of fire, the last round of ps, which i conveniently forgot to knit anything for. so i'm kind of combining the two rounds in one project, the embossed leaves socks (ravelry link).

i'm knitting these up with some str lightweight in oregon red clover honey. i can't say enough how lovely this yarn is. it's so rich and deep, and....accurate! it really looks like honey!

socks are a slow project for me, but i quickly knit up the first sock in a week, which for me, is a record.


and here are a few more accurate shots of the color. i did my first eye of partridge heel for these, and i love it.

so my goal for this round of ps is to finish the pair (the second sock is already underway, though at a slightly slower pace as i struggle to get a birthday present done at the same time), and to also finish my second endpaper mitt, another good earthy project. i'm excited to get these beautiful projects done!