Sunday, May 11, 2008

may baby sweater

ok, i think this is my last green project, at least for now. but isn't it a cute one? it's elizabeth zimmermann's february baby sweater. i've wanted to make it for awhile, but didn't have any new babies to knit for, until now. luckily, my friend julia was kind enough to get pregnant (with a girl, no less!), so i got the chance. i am so smitten with this little sweater. it was a lot easier to make than i thought it would be - luckily, ravelry exists, where any questions you have about the weird, vague instructions for making the sleeves are explained. it was quick, too! i think this will be a go-to pattern for future baby girl gifts.

even before i went to buy the yarn to make it, i was picturing kind of a vintage-y color combination, and the second i saw the yarn, i knew i wanted to use it with red buttons. i think the two colors, though not a usual pairing, really work together. i love the little red apples (and you can see the trees outside my window in their reflection).

i gave this sweater to the mom-to-be at her shower yesterday, and it was well received. yay for new babies!

pattern details on ravelry (sorry, i know, that's so lazy, right?).