Friday, September 29, 2006

i'm a jaywalker

woo! a finished sock! and one that fits even. i will start the second one this evening so as to avoid my little jaywalker becoming a one-sock wonder.

i have to confess...i don't feel like the jaywalker captured my
attention as it seems to have done for so many others. i am happy with the end result (just happy to learn i can actually knit a sock!), but i often found the work tedious, and i'm not overeager to start the second one. i'm finding myself dreaming about lace socks though - maybe that's where i'll find my love for sock knitting. and i'm not writing off the jaywalker pattern completely - it is a lovely sock!

i think part of my problem is the yarn i chose. this was made with knitpicks memories sock yarn in geranium. a lovely yarn to be sure, but if i learned one thing knitting this sock, it's that i get frustrated by the, well, variations in variegated yarn. i kept willing it to stripe, and of course it did not always comply. i think i would have fe
lt more satisfied with the crisp, well-defined quality of a self-striping yarn, or even a pretty, tweedy monochrome perhaps.

but i don't want to detract from the fact that i DID finish a sock! so here it is...