Tuesday, October 03, 2006


so...ignoring my carefully planned list of projects (see below), i've become obsessed with this purse, and i MUST knit it, and soon! i even have the perfect fabric to line it with (it's this, only in brown). i can see myself actually using this, unlike many knitted bag patterns i've seen, which are cute, but just not me. a moral dilemma if ever there was one! i have christmas presents to make, socks to knit for socktoberfest, unfinished projects to finish, and a pregnant friend that has been promised hats, blankets, booties...but all i want to knit right now is this bag. i think in this case, a little will power will have to be necessary. perhaps it will be the perfect project for early spring, when i'm done making scarves and mittens. yes - that's what i'll tell myself for now anyway!

in other news, my lisa souza yarn arrived last night....mmmm, ginger peach, i love you! i'm not exactly sure what i'll use this yarn for, but possibly, maybe the diamante pattern from the new knitty? it would give me a chance to try toe-ups!