Sunday, October 22, 2006


we've had a guest in town all this past week and weekend, so i've gotten nothing done - no laundry, no dishes, no reading my book club book - let alone any knitting, and i feel like i'm just desperate to get some things done and new things started. i am still laboring away on those jaywalkers. i don't even like them really - the yarn is annoying me, and i've done the gusset all wrong. i've somehow managed to end up with a row of garter stitch where there should be none. but i've read about a million tutorials and i've finally figured out what i did wrong. still, i couldn't be bothered to rip back to the gusset and fix the mistake (anyway, the mistake is there for the other sock too, so at least they will match!). but now i'm just so eager to start hedera or maybe even just a plain ribbed sock so that i can be sure that i am, indeed, on the right track now. but i've decided just to finish the jaywalkers - they will be my first socks, mistakes and all, so i do want to finish them for that reason alone. here's my progress on the second sock so far - only a couple of inches left til the toe!

i'm feeling a little more positive about the day flowers scarf. this will be for my mother-in-law, who i'll be seeing in just over a month, so i'll have to have it finished by then. it's an easy lace pattern, and i did about five repeats of the pattern last weekend. i haven't worked on it since then, but i think a few more intensive bursts of activity on it should do the trick. my only problem with this scarf? the knit picks yarn i'm using (elegance i think?) is sooooo splitty...this is a problem i keep having with the 'luxury' knit picks yarns. still it's soft, and i like the color. i can't really see the flower pattern in this scarf yet, but i think it will be clearer once i block it. hopefully...i won't have time to knit her anything else! sorry that the picture is blurry but you get the idea!

my goal this week is to once and for all finish that damn sock, start a new pair, and also start my squirrel and oak mittens, which i'm so excited about!

i'll leave you with one final picture. i realized today that i've yet to introduce my darling kitty spike to my blog. so here he is, in all his adorableness.