Tuesday, October 10, 2006

the hat that almost is

i was really hoping to have a finished totoro hat to show you, but it's just not quite there yet. the hat itself was easy and quick (it's a baby hat afterall!), but all the finishing touches are taking longer than i expected. i have one i-cord done...i need to do a second one. every time i have to do i-cord i remember how much it annoys me! i'm nearly done with the first ear and obviously have to do a second one. and then i have to embroider the face onto the hat. in theory, that's not that much to do, but i fear it will be the end of the week before i finish. a picture to be posted when it's finally done!

i keep dreaming about knitting. like, every single night for the past two or three weeks. is that weird? they're not exactly stress dreams, but they aren't happy dreams about knitting either - mostly just really intense dreams about starting new projects and them not going well, or even just images of patterns kind of on repeat, like a slide show. i keep dreaming of hedera, the project i'll take up next. strange!