Sunday, October 29, 2006

two socks, one mitten

well...i've been avoiding posting all week because i wasn't done with that damn pair of socks...but now i can because they are done! yay! and just in the nick of time to say i finished them for socktober. despite all my moaning about these socks, and despite the fact that i totally blew it at the very end by breaking the yarn while grafting the stitches, it felt so good to put these on my feet as a complete pair. my first pair!

here is me modeling them...note my hubby's massive record collection in the background. :)

so here are the details...

yarn: knitpicks memories in geranium
needles: inox size 1s
pattern: grumperina's jaywalkers
started: 9.5.06
finished: 10.29.06

woah. that's a long time. hopefully i'll get a bit faster with my next pair!

i also started on wednesday night my first mitten of this pattern. it was my first experience with using multiple colors/strands and it actually went incredibly well. and i was so enchanted with the whole process that i whipped that first mitten out in only a couple of days! thanks to adrian and jennie for their advice on working the thumb bit - it was a success. i will start the squirrel this week, and also... a new pair of socks! i'm thinking hedera, as i like the idea of using a solid yarn with a pretty lace pattern after all the sordid drama of using a variegated last time.