Saturday, August 25, 2007


have you ever heard of a tag blanket? i hadn't, but my friend brooke asked me to make one for her baby, cora. basically it's a small blanket that has little loops of ribbon along the edge for the baby to play with. who knew babies liked playing with tags so much? i didn't, but then i don't have a baby!

anyway, brooke picked out some gorgeous fabric from superbuzzy, and i found some coordinating flannel to use for the back, and some cute ribbons that matched. then i just layered the front, back, and some batting, with the ribbon loops pinned between the two fabric layers, and sewed around the edge. it was a really easy project, but i think the end result was is really simple and lovely. in fact, i think i will make these as baby shower gifts from now on, because they're kind of unusual, and they're a good way to show off a fairly small amount of nice fabric.

see....cora likes it!