Thursday, August 16, 2007

vancouver is not so far away

this weekend my little brother, matthew, and his wife (so he's not that little anymore) picked up and moved from seattle to vancouver, bc. he will be starting graduate school there in a few weeks. this fact has bummed me out ever since i found out it was happening, oh, almost a year ago. vancouver is only a few hours from seattle, and i'm happy for him to be starting school, excited for them to start on this new adventure, but sad for myself. i'm really going to miss having my little bro just minutes away!

i made them a little present to take along with them, for their new home, to remind them of their old one. a log cabin pillow:

my favorite part is the little tag i put on it. my sister-in-law has a thing for squirrels, so how could i not use this cute trim i had lying around:

i'll miss you matty!