Monday, March 31, 2008

as they say on ravelry...ugh!

here, finally, is my disaster of a back-to-school u-neck sweater. i started this all the way back in...october i think? and then promptly set it aside in favor of christmas knitting. i picked it back up in january, and finished it in february. it's been a roller coaster of emotions with this one...i started out very excited, thinking it was SO cute, then got bored by all that ribbing, then excited again because the waffle stitch was fun and quick, and then...i got to the neck band, got it all finished, tried it on, and it was way.too.floppy. a girl in my knitting group suggested i do a few decreases on the neck band to pull it in and make it lay flat, so i diligently ripped out my neck band and started it over. i think i took her advice too much to heart, because now instead of flopping, it puckers and pulls and is basically no longer a u-neck!

it probably doesn't look too bad here, and obviously, i could do the neck again and try to reach a happy medium on the floppiness scale, but for now, i'm considering it finished, and unwearable at that. at this point, i'm over the whole sweater in general. i feel like all of those horizontal rib bands just make the vest look fussy. and the band in the middle hits me mid-boob, instead of at the base of my rib cage, which is really, really unflattering. maybe someday i'll take the time to fix it, or maybe the yarn will get reporposed for something else. on a happier note, i have a new project on the needles, and it's beautiful, and perfect for the new round of project spectrum. more on that later!