Monday, March 10, 2008

lovely lu

lu is finished and i couldn't be happier with it. so cute and springy! i bought the kit to make this at madrona and cast on as soon as i got home. it was quick and fun and just weird enough to keep me guessing and entertained throughout. lu is knit from side to side, all in one piece, with absolutely zero seaming. it was kind of an act of faith until i got through the first sleeve, because i just couldn't picture how it was going to work, and the pattern didn't include any sort of diagram. but it worked! the top is made using the same stitch pattern throughout and uses short-row shaping to create the sleeves. the unusual stitch pattern is called turkish stitch, and i swear it looks crocheted! in fact, when i saw the handmaiden herself wearing it at the village yarn and tea booth where i bought the kit, i didn't actually believe her when she said it was knitted.

pattern: lu, by perl grey
yarn: fleece artist scotian silk, 2 skeins, with about half a skein left over, in 'earth'

needles: size 10 1/2 denise needles

modifications: i added a pattern repeat to each front panel for a little more coverage. the pattern is one-size-fits-all, and it definitely would have fit, but i wanted it to fit more like how it does in the pattern picture, and my chest is just a little too big to manage that!

i should add that i really, really enjoyed working with the scotian silk. what beautiful yarn! it's a bulky yarn, 65% wool, 35% silk. it doesn't feel like a silk yarn, but the wool feels really soft and sleek. i would definitely use this yarn again.

oh! and i had to buy a little pin to close it up! i should probably get a real shawl pin, but this cute little birdy pin that i got on
etsy will work for now.