Saturday, November 04, 2006

just a rainy afternoon

it rained BUCKETS here in seattle today...sometimes this city really does live up to its reputation! despite the weather, we decided to do a little tour of some of the thrift stores along aurora, a long strip in seattle famous for its cheap motels, prostitutes, drug dealers, crime...and excellent thrift stores! i did well from the start - in the very first shop we stopped in, i found this cute little set of dishes with autumn leaves all over. i grabbed one of the bowls and a sugar and creamer set. as i worked my way to the back, i picked up a few other things: a cute blue and red polka dot silk scarf, some sewing items, and then the mother lode...a whole bunch of knitting magazines from the 1960s! there are some amazing patterns in them. little vests, skirts, cardigans...i don't know if i'll ever make any of these patterns, but they're lots of fun to look at and be inspired by. and who knows, maybe one day i'll get brave and knit myself a sweater dress or something. :)

i got home to find a package waiting for me - some hello yarn that i ordered earlier this week! this is beautiful yarn. i've done two of adrian's patterns so far (her totoro hat and squirrel and oak mittens that i'm almost done with), and i just had to try her hand-dyed yarn as well. so now i have 'nymph,' a pretty blend of browns and blues, and 'baby soft,' in swirls of red and pink. i'm excited to see how these knit up.

i should have a finished pair of mittens to show off tomorrow!