Thursday, November 23, 2006

fo: fetching

happy thanksgiving everyone! hope you had a good day, thanksgiving or not. i had an unusual thanksgiving this year...i went to my stepdad's deceased wife's family's thanksgiving dinner (got that?). at a bowling alley. it ended up being super fun though, and it turns out that bowling is the perfect way to get rid of that awful too-full feeling after eating dinner. :)

so, you might remember about a month ago when i mentioned that i had started the day flowers scarf for my mother in law. well, i never really got much further with it than the six or so inches i showed in a picture way back then. this scarf, while i'm sure it would have turned out lovely, just never grabbed my attention, and it kept getting put aside in favor of other projects. so last weekend, it finally occurred to me that i had exactly a week to make something, anything, for my mother in law, as we are flying to see her in england tomorrow morning. eek! i didn't feel up to tackling that scarf, especially since it requires following a lace chart, and i just didn't have the patience. i wanted fast, and i wanted something cute. something fetching even! so i dug out the ball of yarn i had bought to make fetching for myself after christmas, and decided to make it for her instead. and the end result is fetching indeed! or at least pretty darn cute. i'm not entirely sure that these are her style, but it's hard to tell really. i'm just happy to have a hand knit gift to give her in addition to the other store bought stuff we're bringing over. just in time!

so let's see here...this is a weird picture (you can see out my living room window!) but i was trying to get some natural light. not easy in this rainy, rainy november we're having. you'll just have to trust me that there are indeed two and not just this one!

pattern: knitty's fetching
yarn: rowan classic yarns cashsoft dk, color: 525
needles: size 6 brittany birch dpns plus brittany birch cable needle

loved the pattern, and LOVED the yarn. it's sooooooo soft and squishy, and though you can't really tell in the picture, it's a lovely peacocky blue. i really, truly adored it and will use this yarn again for sure, probably to make my own pair. however, i think next time i'll go down a needle size - these felt like they could be a littler denser than they are.

the only modifications i did were to add another cabled row plus four more rows at the top, just to give a little more coverage around the fingers. i also just did a regular bind off instead of the picot bind off.

so i'm off to england for 1o days tomorrow! wish me luck - i really don't love flying. i did, however, call the airline and confirmed that it should be no problem at all to bring my knitting aboard, even for an international flight. i just hope this is true...i'm going to be seriously annoyed if i have to take my lichen ribbed sock, which is coming along so fast and looks great in the yarntini i'm using, off the needles.

see you in 10 days!