Tuesday, December 05, 2006

..and we're back!

yay, i'm home! we got home last night around 11 p.m. considering we started our travels (it's a long drive to gatwick from my hubby's parent's house) at the equivalent of midnight seattle time, that was 23 hours of long, grueling travel. and did i mention i don't like flying?! we almost missed our connecting flight in houston but made it with just minutes to spare. *relief*

we had a good time, but i am SO glad to be home. england is so expensive, and to this west coast girl, lacks the the wide open spaces and greenery that i've realized i need. still, i got to experience my first cream tea at a little seaside town near norwich, and we got to see lots of our friends there as well. sharon took me to a tiny little yarn store in london, too, which was fun. i was good - i only bought a single ball of rooster almerino aran in the perfect coral red. i think i will make a pair of fetching for me with this. i also picked up the cutest pair of childrens knitting needles at a department store for only a pound! that is one thing i love about the uk - their department stores have craft and yarn departments!

i also received for christmas from my mother-in-law the crafters companion. i am so excited to have this book! it's not out here in the states yet i don't think, and i've had my eye on it for ages. i want to make practically everything in it, but just this morning i ordered some fabric from superbuzzy with the intention of making the ice cream cone pin cushion and the log cabin pillow first. i also really want to make the market bag though...my sewing machine needs to get more use!

knitting was done on the trip, though maybe not as much as i'd hoped. i could knit on my flight over to the uk, but not on the way back. so on the flight, and a little bit during the week, i completed one of the lichen ribbed socks in cherry cordial yarntini. i really love it! the stripeyness is so perfect. and not using a knitted cast on made a world of difference. i don't think i love the welsh heel - it fits my own heel in kind of a weird way. but other than that, it's perfect, and i'll start on the second one this week for sure.

and finally, i'll just leave with some pictures of all the treats we brought back! mmm...percy pigs and elderflower cordial, i love you! look at that table of candy - we went totally nuts! but we can't get any of those things here, at least not as cheaply (we've found some things at british import stores). and, um, it's not all for us.

anyway, it's really good to be back! i'm off work today so i'm going to do laundry and buy groceries and go get a burrito and catch up on my netflix!