Saturday, December 30, 2006

"um, what's a cowl?"

that's the reaction i seem to be getting from most people when i mention that i'm making a cowl. all the same, i am loving this project, even if no one knows what it is i'm making! this is mindless k1p1 knitting, which is just what i need at the moment. still, it's not going that fast. i'm about five inches into it, with about eight inches left to go. this is cashmere, and i'm knitting it up on my denise needles, so the cashmere mixed with the plastic makes for very slippery knitting, which has slowed me down somewhat. the fabric that is created is really stretchy and slinky. i know i'm am going to looooove wearing this when it's done! even if i didn't know how to make one of these, it's exactly the kind of thing i would choose to wear or buy. and it will be my first finished object of 2007!