Monday, December 18, 2006

cookies make everything better

first off, i think my husband was a little sad that i didn't post a picture of his cd cover as well, so here's a picture of his, and the second one i did, in felt. they were a hit with our friends (at least i think they were!) and they gave us some great mixes too.

it's finally starting to feel like christmas around here. i need to buy one more present but otherwise i'm all done, and i've done gift exchanges with a few of my friends already. last night we had a couple of people over, made some homemade pizzas, and baked and decorated sugar cookies. they're not the most artfully decorated, but they taste good!

and i've also taken the opportunity to spend a little christmas money from my dad on some wonderful, beautiful, gorgeous yarn, which has arrived today and saturday (i also got an ice cream maker, but that's a little off topic). first off, some malabrigo from pure knits in red mahogany. i was planning to make the beret from the winter interweave knits with this, but it turned out to be a little more variegated than i expected, so i might do something different - possibly some ribbed fingerless gloves. still, gorgeous!

i also got...drumroll...some PURE cashmere from purl soho, in tourmaline. i was afraid this would be a little too bright blue for my tastes (it's so hard to tell on a computer screen) but it ended up being the most perfect seafoam green. it's heartbreakingly soft and lovely - definitely the most beautiful thing in my yarn collection to date. i am going to make the cashmere cowl that they have up over on the purl soho website. this is such a treat! it was expensive, and i'd probably never buy it with my own money (at least not before...i see myself being tempted by this yarn again in the future), but i'm so excited to use it.

speaking of purl soho, can i just say how obsessed i am with all of the patterns they keep posting? since i'm re-thinking the malabrigo beret, i'm now thinking of doing the koigu beret they posted the other day. sounds like the perfect excuse to buy a single skein of koigu, no?