Monday, December 11, 2006

acorns and ice cream

not much knitting going on around here - i'm wrapping up a scarf for a swap, which i should finish this week, but other than that, i haven't touched the second lichen ribbed sock, or started any of the other projects that i was supposedly making for christmas presents. i just don't feel like it!

that doesn't mean i haven't been busy making other things though. i spent the past two evenings with my gocco, making some cute little notecard sets to give as gifts. the acorn and leaf screen printed a little weird - when i burned the image onto the screen, the screen really lifted the carbon from the original. like, completely. i've never had that happen before, but it meant that when i printed the cards with that screen, there was a weird textural thing going on - two different shades of brown. i decided i like it anyway. these will dry overnight then i'll wrap them up with the envelopes with some light green ribbon and there you have it! easy presents.

i also made my first project from the crafter's companion last night - a cute little ice cream pin cushion. for such a simple project, i had a few more issues than i expected. mostly, i bought what i thought was the right size pot for the cone, but it was actually a little bigger than that called for in the pattern. so the template for the scoops were a little too small. i had to just make up my own pattern, and i still think i could have made the scoops a bit bigger. they look a little small and flat, and don't entirely fill the cone. but i love the fabric i used (from superbuzzy), and once i glue the scoops into the cone and find a bead for the cherry, i think this will be a perfectly cute little object to have sitting by my sewing machine.

that's it for now...i'm working on another little craft project that i should have done tomorrow probably - it's some pretty fancy mix cd art! pictures of that later on this week.