Friday, December 15, 2006

oh windy!

last night, seattle had some serious weather. we went to bed around midnight and the wind was shaking our windows so violently that i said i hoped it didn't rattle them hard enough that they broke. did. an hour later we woke up to the sound of breaking glass in our living room. a branch of a pine tree had broken off in the storm and hit our window. glass was EVERYWHERE. we had to put my spooked cat into our bedroom and clean up the glass as best we could, with the wind and rain still blowing in. we finally got the window taped and carboarded up so that at least the wind was temporarily kept out.

work was cancelled for me today because power was out completely in the area where i work. i went for a little walk around my neighborhood this morning to survey the damage and was shocked when i saw this scene:

that big tree crushed five or six of the surrounding cars. lucky for me, mine wasn't one of them.

i came home and talked to the apartment manager and they said they won't be able to replace the window until monday. so although we are very lucky that no one was hurt, we have a drafty hole in our house for the weekend. all of my family and the friends i've gotten in touch with so far are okay - if you live in the area, i hope the same is true for you.

the bright side of this whole mess is that, as i mentioned, i got the day off! i grew up in phoenix - we never got days off work or school for bad weather! so i spent the day taking a nap and watching dvds (fargo and american graffiti) and finishing my cd cover that i mentioned last time. a little explanation on that: my hubby and i, along with three other couples, have a "dinner club." we meet once a month and try a restaurant of one of the couple's choosing. tomorrow night we'll be going to a tapas restaurant that we tried with a few others about a year ago. it will be good! we're also having a mix cd exchange with our friends in the group. so we've spent this week carefully choosing songs (ie, fighting about whether lee hazlewood makes it or if the parenthetical girls gets axed. there were some heated moments) and making some cover art. my husband made a cute little collage of a little girl walking through a pile of leaves, and i embroidered this:

i'm not the most skillful embroiderer, but i was going for kind of a rustic look anyway, and i like how it turned out (obviously it wouldn't hurt with a little ironing). i used this for the first time - what a weird little tool! i decided in the end that it was actually easier and more durable to use a good old fashioned needle and thread, but it was an interesting experiment. we have one more cover to do tomorrow - it will be a felt piece. i'll post pictures later!