Tuesday, December 26, 2006

scarf swap success

a month or so ago, kristie of brown pants and i decided to do a scarf swap. this was to be my first blog swap, so i was kind of nervous: would she like what i made her? would i like what she made me? i had a few moments of panic, then dug right in and chose yarn and pattern for kristie's scarf. unfortunately, i am a big slow poke, and december got in the way, so i got a little behind schedule on mine. kristie, however, was right on time, and i received her package of goodies last thursday. she so outdid herself! i am so lucky! she sent me the scarf of course, and lots of extra little goodies as well. this was such a nice thing to come home to after a long rainy day. and what's more, i feel like my first swap experience was such a positive one that i can't wait to do another!

(it's pouring rain today, which is why my shirt is all wet in the picture.)

the scarf is a noro mistake rib, and it's gorgeous. i have been wearing it non-stop since i received it, and it's the perfect length for me to wear indoors as well as out, which is something i love in a scarf. i've already received compliments on it too, another thing i love! what's funny is that i almost made her a scarf very similar to this - a simple noro stripe scarf in k1p1 rib. in the end i opted for something else instead, but apparently, great minds really do think alike.

in addition to the lovely scarf, kristie sent me a cute little handmade card, a little pouch that she made herself (and which i'm already using to tote a small knitting project around in my purse), pretty stitch markers, a handmade flower brooch (i didn't even tell her that i have a total brooch obsession and wear one nearly every day!), and even some cool australian yarn. score! thank you so much kristie!

i can say with much relief that her own scarf and other treats are making their way across the ocean as we speak, and should get to her this week. i will reveal the scarf i made at that time! however, i am an idiot, and i forgot to take a picture of it before i packed it up, so i will either have to just post a picture of the little swatch i made, or maybe kristie will post a picture on her own blog.

anyway...christmas was very good. we spent the day at my mom's, received way too many gifts, and she sent me home with all of the leftover mashed potatoes and a homemade pumpkin pie. my knitting library was greatly enhanced:

and i also finally am the proud owner of one of these:

hope everyone had a happy and safe christmas!