Thursday, February 08, 2007

blue, gray,'s project spectrum!

so this first set of colors for project spectrum hasn't gotten of to a great i mentioned the other day, i started a navy blue beret as my first project...well, i'm on my second attempt at knitting the beret after some drunken, post-book club knitting last week, and let's just say it's not going to be the last attempt either. i was in denial at first, but i think before i get any further with the hat i need to face the fact that it's knitting up a lot smaller than the pattern (like maybe baby beret size). i think i'm going to try going up to size 4 needles instead of the 3s. i feel like this should have been a project that i whipped up in like a day, but hey...i've got a month and a half left to finish it!

in the meantime, i've deviated from the color scheme in favor of another pair of fetching for a birthday gift, this time in a gorgeous poppy red. so like i said...project spectrum isn't off to a real rip-roaring start here around my house, but if all goes to plan (and i'm sure it won't), by the end of the two months we'll have a white trellis baby sweater, a white clementine shawlette, and some gray nancy bush 'gentleman's plain winter socks,' in addition to the beret. i think i'll also be making some little quilted coasters in shades of navy and turquoise, with a little brown thrown in.

i'm excited for this first round of colors - i love the combination, though they don't seem to be shades that i knit with often. and blue, gray and white just seem so february, don't they?

since i don't really have any knitting to show, here's some project spectrum photography of a more general nature: gray and white geese in the pond outside my office.