Monday, February 19, 2007

project spectrum around the house

i feel like i haven't blogged in ages! my dad was in town since thursday for a long weekend, and even though i took friday and today off work (no holiday off for me...), i feel completely exhausted. it's hard work being a hostess! but my dad, my brother, our spouses and i had a pretty good weekend: we went here, and here, and here, and managed to occupy ourselves in various ways for the rest of the weekend.

so with all that going on, my knitting projects haven't gotten a lot of attention. i re-started my beret, and started nancy bush's gentleman's winter socks for my brother, for his birthday. i'm using yarn pirate's new semi-solid yarn, in fog. it's beautiful, and just right for this month's project spectrum. but like i said...for my brother, and his size 13 feet! these are going to take a while. here's a really, really dark picture of my progress so far:

since i don't have much else to show you, i thought i'd look for the blue, gray, and white around my house, and i found quite a lot! sorry...most of these pictures are 'artfully' blurry. it's such a dark, dreary day today that i have no chance of getting anything better unfortunately.

some fabric from superbuzzy that i'm going to use for some coasters and other fun stuff:

our telephone (which we almost never use, in this age of cell phones, but still it looks nice):

i made this string of origami lights last year. the little balls are called water bombs. some of them are blue:

a blue melmac tray that i found at an antique store in tucson last summer:

a little owl crumb sweeper!

one half of my hello kitty/dear daniel book ends:

and some blue, white and gray buttons from my button collection:

that's all for now...hopefully i'll have some real knitting to show and some better quality pictures later in the week!

also...i just installed halo scan for my comments, because i'm tired of not being able to reply to comments with blogger! which is exciting, but i just realized that in doing so, i deleted all my old blogger comments, which makes me kind of sad.