Sunday, February 04, 2007

saturday knitting

yesterday i had the best knitting day! i started out by hitting the yarn store nearest my apartment, one i don't particularly care for, but it is the only local place that sells str. so i picked up some watermelon tourmaline, with the intent of making a scarf similar to maritza's. i am obsessed with that scarf! i still need to get the farmhouse half of the yarn combo, but the scarf will be mine! then i stopped at my favorite yarn shop and got a few random items (including some addi turbos...guess who's going to give magic loop a go for her next pair of socks?!), then i rounded out my yarn store tour by going to hilltop for their spinning demo. i got to meet georgia finally, and also sarah, and lots of other nice gals! and i think i might sign up for their spinning class in march - seeing the demo inspired me and got me excited to try spinning!

after coming home and relaxing a bit after all that yarn store excitement, i went to a knitting night that my friend shannon invited me to, which was lots of fun. giant pieces of cheesecake, hoegaarden, people talking about knitting as excitedly as i do, getting to work on my first project spectrum item (a navy koigu beret)...these are the makings of a good time in my book.

i need more saturdays like this one!