Tuesday, January 30, 2007

fo: lichen ribbed socks

i finished my second complete pair of socks! hooray! and i love them so. my jaywalkers will always have sentimental value as my first pair, but these...these i will actually wear, and wear often.

you might recall that i started these way back in november. i knit the first sock almost entirely during the week we spent in the uk, and then when i got back to seattle, i never quite got around to starting the second sock during the holidays. january came around and i was finally able to start the second sock. i significantly picked up the pace on this pair: the first sock took basically a week, and this one probably took a week and a half? two weeks? not a world record by any standards, but still an improvement over last time.

so the pattern is nancy bush's lichen ribbed socks from knitting vintage socks. the only thing i didn't like about this pattern is the welsh heel - it has a weird seam down the center of the heel that i just don't find appealing. but since you can't really see the heel when wearing them, it's hardly a problem. the pattern was so easy to follow, and i love how the finished socks fit - the three-point star toes look a little weird, but fit great. i will be knitting many more of nancy's sock patterns, for sure.

and the yarn! this is yarntini's cherry cordial self-striping sock yarn. it was my first experience using self-striping yarn and i think i'm hooked. plus, my stripes match up! i stupidly started decreasing for the toe about three rows too late on the second sock, so the very tip of the toe has slightly mismatched stripes, but i'm just going to call it even.