Saturday, January 06, 2007

fo: my so called scarf

so now that kristie has received my scarf that i sent her for our swap, i can show it off here! i decided to go for the ubiquitous my so called scarf, both because i was curious about trying that stitch pattern and also because i just think it looks so cool! it was a fun scarf to make. you can memorize the pattern almost effortlessly after two pattern repeats, and it's one of those patterns that is super easy yet gets exclamations of how hard that must be by all who see you working on it. it was also my first time using manos del uruguay. it definitely won't be my last! the color i chose is SO beautiful. you won't be able to tell so much in my photo, but it's red swirling into baby blue swirling into plum into maroon into sage green. i saw it and was in love.

so, i think i mentioned before that i conveniently forgot to take a picture of the completed scarf before sending it off to kristie. that was smart. but luckily, i did take a picture of the scarf halfway through. this picture is pretty poor (in fact i'm embarrassed to even post it), and you can only see a little bit of the scarf here, but i can assure you that the rest of the scarf is about five feet more of the same, only much less blurry.

pattern: my so called scarf
yarn: manos del uruguay, color: bramble
needles: some random size 11s i had lying around. i have no idea where they came from!

the only downside to this yarn with this scarf is the fact that the yarn has some really skinny bits. this caused some seriously uneven edges in places. i really don't know if there's a way to get around that, but if there is, i don't know it. i did give it a light steam blocking and that helped some. hopefully you won't be able to tell when the scarf is all wound up around a neck!

nothing else to report really. i have a few inches left of my cowl. i'll spare you another picture, since it looks exactly the same as the last picture, only longer. oh! and i started a baby blanket for one of my friends, who is having her first baby in february. which gives me about a month to finish it. i'm not too optimistic that i'll make that deadline, but hopefully i can rise to the occasion and have it ready by the time the baby arrives.