Monday, January 22, 2007

fo: not-so-green greenaway fingerless gloves

on friday evening, i was overcome with the NEED (yes, NEED!) to make some fingerless gloves out of some malabrigo that i had kicking about. so i put aside my sock (which is past the heel! it won't be long now til i can wear them) and picked up the malabrigo and some size 6 dpns, and whipped these babies up. the whole thing only took a few hours, spread out over the weekend, and before i knew it i had some fingerless gloves. i have to say, even though i love the yarn, and i like the pattern in theory, something about these just aren't right to me. i feel like they are a bit of a let-down, a bit too easy maybe, or perhaps it's just that there aren't any real bells or whistles here to be excited about. i don't know. i will certainly wear them - my living room gets cold cold cold in the winter, and my fingers often get stiff while knitting in such conditions. so they'll get a lot of use i'm sure. and i actually might even make some more - i have a lot of this malabrigo left, and i think some fingerless gloves would make some nice birthday/no occasion gifts for some people, so maybe it's just a matter of tinkering with the pattern a little to make them more exciting? i don't know.

i can say this...i'm not done with the fingerless glove, that's for sure. this project didn't really satisfy my craving for them, so i think there will be several other pairs made in the coming months. please don't get bored when i post a picture of yet another pair! i know i will be making eunny's endpaper mitts soon, and i have some gorgeous baby alpaca that i think will turn into full-arm fingerless gloves. plus, the gifts i already mentioned. perhaps this is my Year of the Fingleress Glove?

anyway, here are the specs on this first pair (please ignore my grubby pjs!)

pattern: greenaway fingerless gloves, by purl bee
yarn: malabrigo, in red mahogany, about half of one ball
needles: brittany birch dpns, size 6 it totally bad form to gush about the fact that i won a blog contest?! i WON! i'm so excited! and not just any blog contest...yarntini's! she emailed me last week to tell me i had won her last contest, and my goodies arrived on friday. she spoiled me big time. not only did i get some of her gorgeous sock yarn in a new colorway (pomtini!), she also sent me what is actually one of my favorite chocolates (dark chocolate with crystallized ginger), a pretty journal, and some yummy smelling sachets which have already been put to good use in my closet and underwear drawer. thanks again jessie!