Tuesday, January 16, 2007

snow days

seattle seems to be getting the rest of the country's cold winter weather. we had yet more snow last night and this morning! it means that i got to work from home again, which is nice. and the snow is pretty, but geez! i'm ready for some normal seattle winter weather: wet and mild. bring on the rain and mid-40s temps!

still, look how pretty this is. it's my office park, taken on monday. note the frozen-over duck pond. where do the ducks go when that happens?!

i don't have a whole lot of interest on the knitting front. i started my second lichen ribbed sock, in the yarntini cherry cordial. this yarn is sooo lovely. it's so vibrant, and i love the gradual change in colors, and the stripes. i'm happy to say that so far, my stripes on this sock are lining up exactly with those of the first. i can't wait to wear these!

actually, i've been spending a lot of my free time lately working on this:

it's a log cabin quilted throw pillow, design my lisa congdon. a while back, i got this book, and this pattern is one of the projects in the book. i am by no means a strong sewer; i'm still fairly terrified of my sewing machine. but i decided that this year i would get better, and i thought that lisa's pillow pattern would be a good learning project. i'm about to start the quilting part - we'll see how that goes! - but i'm really enjoying the sewing part this far. i can see myself making many of these pillows as gifts! it's a fun way to use a lot of different fabrics, both vintage pieces that i've found over time and new fabrics that i've been dying to put to good use.

pictures of both projects when they're done!