Wednesday, April 18, 2007

feeling blue


first off, i wanted to say thanks to chris for the cute card she sent me this week as part of the knitterly letter swap. look, it's knitters, knitting:

thanks chris - your return letter is on the way!

in my last post i mentioned that i was going to focus on getting two sweaters done in the next two months: finishing my orangina from last summer, and starting rusted root. well, rusted root came first, and so far i'm really enjoying it. this is my first top-down sweater that i've attempted, and i can already see why people like this method so much. i'm almost done with the raglan increases, and it looks, believe it or not, like a sweater! this thrills me way more than it should, i know. i said before, i've started many a sweater and not finished a single one, largely because i get bored of knitting large rectangles, and have a hard time imagining the final product. here, i can definitely see the puffy sleeves taking shape, the neckline is obviously a neckline, and the length of the sweater is growing. i hope to get this done in the next few weeks, as it's knitting up really fast, and i'm feeling really motivated by the project. and as long as i don't have any more mishaps like i had the other night, when the two connected cords of my denise needles spontaneously unconnected, leaving me with a few severely dropped stitches, then i think that goal is attainable.

i'm using lamb's pride cotton fleece, in the 'emperor's robe' color. i know, i should have picked a pink or a green! but when i went to buy the yarn, none of the pinks or greens really thrilled me, and my orangina is green anyway, so i thought i'd go for another color. now that i'm knitting with this color, i'm not sure if i like it or not. i kind of wish it was more of a navy blue, but oh well. maybe it will bring out the blue in my eyes!

hopefully i'll have an orangina progress shot for you later this week as well...