Wednesday, April 25, 2007

orangina, orangina, where you been so long?

as promised, here's a progress shot of my orangina. none of this is new progress - this is as far as i got with the project last july, when i started it, pre-blog. back then, i was sooooooo excited about getting this done - i loved (and still do!) the design, and couldn't wait to wear it. but then a few gift knits got in the way, and before you know it, it's april and i still don't have an orangina to my name! still, that first half is complete, and i think the second half will go pretty fast as well. not that i've cast on for it yet! soon, soon.

the yarn is rowan 4-ply cotton, which is lovely and soft to work with. the color is 'fennel,' which is fun to say and always makes me smile. i'm excited, if nothing else, to just not have it hanging over my head. but i think i'll enjoy wearing it as well.

and i try not to post too many pictures of my cat, but i can't resist sharing this one. he's just too darn cute here! he was helping with the photo shoot.