Tuesday, May 01, 2007

the ugly apron

oh my. i think i hit an absolute low point in my crafting career last night. i had admirable intentions, inspiring materials to work with, and there was the potential for everything to work out okay, but somewhere along the way, things went seriously pear-shaped.

i picked up this pillow case at the thrift store a few months ago, with the pillow case apron from the crafter's companion in mind. i washed it and ironed it, and didn't get much further than that until this week. i have several other little crafty projects in mind for the next few weeks, so i thought i'd get this one out of the way first. plus, it's pink - so project spectrum! i love aprons, i love the crafter's companion - what could go wrong?

well for starters, i have very limited sewing skills. i don't think that can be over-emphasized here. obvious issues:

  • the pocket i created is noticeably crooked
  • the pocket is made by sewing a zig-zag stitch through two layers then carefully cutting down the center of the zig zap to create a slit. i did this, but the result was a very sloppy, uneven looking pocket. it looks like a giant gash in the fabric - like a mistake with the rotary cutter. not like a pocket, though it certainly can function as a pocket.
  • because of the pillow case's weird dimensions (it's a king size pillow case, so it was a lot longer than normal, but not wider), i folded it length-wise instead of width-wise as the pattern calls for. this made sense to me at the time but now i have no idea why i did it! the result is a really long, REALLY skinny apron
i think that's about it, but it's enough. the whole thing is just funny looking. the good news is that it was my first time making little darts, where the apron ties are sewn to the apron body. those worked out fine!

ugh...please ignore the clutter in my apartment. it's always like that.

for all that went wrong, i'm not actually too sad about this project. i mean, it's an apron! i now don't have to feel bad about getting it really messy, right? and if i really hate it, it means i have about a pillow case worth of cute, pink flowery fabric. i guess it's projects like this (this was supposed to be a really easy project, damn it!) that keep you humble, and i'm definitely feeling humble right about now, for sure. better luck next time!