Thursday, May 24, 2007

market bag

another sewing project, this one much more successful! this is the market bag from the crafter's companion. i've been looking forward to making this bag since i got the book, and it ended up being really fun to make.

the fabric is from my favorite online fabric store, superbuzzy. i picked the pear fabric out first, then had to choose something that matched for the lining and top part of the outside bag. i like the one i chose, but it doesn't quite match - i kind of wish i'd gone for something a little brighter. does anyone else think that the hardest part about sewing is the cutting of the fabric? it takes me forever and totally stresses me out. but...this was my first time adding piping to a sewing project! this thrilled me to no end when i sewed up those two outer pieces with the piping sandwiched in between, and saw when i was done sewing that it worked! it's not completely even and the piping is probably a little thinner than it should be, but i'm still quite impressed with myself for learning that new skill. also, i learned how to make a bag gusset. i seriously stared at the instructions in the book for like an hour, and kept putting the outer bag and liner aside to do other parts of the bag, because i could NOT figure out how to do the gusset. then, i woke up the next morning and magically had figured it out. i love when that happens.

and look! the coolest thing about this bag:

i really, truly think i should have an honest-to-goodness finished knitted object by the end of the week, though it might not be the one you're expecting to see (oops!).