Thursday, May 31, 2007

airy scarf

i finally finished a knitting project! it's been...way too long. like, the beginning of april i think. yikes! but i haven't finished rusted root, the project that really should be done by now (i'm almost there...i just got a little tired of all that stockinette in the round). instead, after my trip to portland where i picked up last-minute knitted gifts, i sort of decided one afternoon that i'd take a quick detour and make the airy scarf from the book. it's quick, it's short, it's light - perfect for this time of year, when the weather is warm, and my knitting attention span is even shorter than it normally is.

i used some habu textiles silk/mohair that my friend aruni sent me back in february. i have loads left of the cone she sent me, so i may have to make a few more of these as gifts at some point. the habu is a little finer than the kidsilk haze called for in the pattern, so my scarf is slightly narrower and shorter, but it's still the perfect lenght for tying around your neck for a little decoration without a lot of warmth.

i knit this up on size 10.5 needles, and at first the little yarn/big needle combo was so fiddly, i never thought i'd be able to finish! but i persevered, even when the scarf was only a couple of inches long and looked like a really bad toupee. i think it looks a little better now.