Saturday, June 02, 2007

thank goodness for mail

so i had kind of a bad day yesterday. yesterday i lost my job. actually the whole company went under, so quite a few people in the bellevue, washington area lost their jobs. it's unfortunate, and definitely not what i was wanting to deal with at the moment, but i'm sure it will all be okay in the end. i felt fairly fine about it yesterday but today started to feel kind of down, so the sound swap cd that arrived in the mail from jennie cheered me up even more than it normally would have. it totally made my day!

when i signed up for the sound swap, i was secretly hoping that jennie would be the one sending me a mix because i felt like she probably knew a whole lot about an area of music that i was curious about. and lucky me, i did indeed get a great mix from her! and one that i know i'll get a lot of enjoyment from and that will prompt me to look into many of the artists on here that i'm not already familiar with.

the tracklisting for 'phonographic: a saturday morning anytime feel good mix'

1. rum and coca cola - andrews sisters
2. pistol packin' mama - al dexter and his troopers
3. let me play with your poodle - tampa red w/ big maceo
4. scatterbrain mama - delmore brothers
5. chicago rhythm - jimmie noone
6. make up your mind - kitty wells
7. i'm wild about that thing - bessie smith
8. coucou - django reinhardt
9. barbecue bust - mississippi jook band
10. coney isle - roscoe holcomb
11. roly poly - bob wills and his light crust dough boys
12. corina - carter sisters
13. don't try to keep up with the joneses - dizzy gillespie
14. country blues - dock boggs
15. wish i was a single girl again - lulu belle and scotty
16. if i didn't love you - hank williams
17. beans and cornbread - louis jordan
18. little satchel - fred cocherham
19. lord, i want to die easy - josh white
20. big leg blues - mississippi john hurt
21. she's got money too - uncle dave macon
22. don't falter at the altar - cab calloway

and the cover is cute to boot! jennie also sent me a skein of sundara sport weight in a gorgeous blue, which is just about the most exciting thing to happen to me in a very long while - i've been lusting after some sundara yarn for ages now but never seem to get to the website in time to make one of her yarn updates. thank you so much jennie! i love everything!

and while i'm showing off cool mail, i also wanted to say thanks to stickchicky for the lace book that i won in a contest she had on her blog. that arrived this week too, and the book is gorgeous. i think most of the patterns are waaaaay beyond my skill set right now, but it's nice to have something to aspire to, and there are some things in there that i'd love to make some day. so thank you!

that's all the exciting mail for me for the week...probably next week the thing i'll look forward to receiving most will be my unemployment check!