Thursday, June 21, 2007

rusted root done!

(there is so much random crap in the background of this picture! my cat's toy cherry, weights, window screen, charging ipod...i'll do a better job of tidying up first next time i do a photo shoot)

pattern: rusted root, by zephyr style
needles: denise needles, size 6 & 5
yarn: cotton fleece, in emperor's robe, about 3.75 skeins
started some time in april, finished earlier this week

i've been nearly done with this sweater for ages, and i finally did all of the finishing over the weekend. i love it! it fits perfectly, save for the sleeves being just a tad too loose. the pattern called for using size 4 needles for the arm bands and i probably should have done that instead of using the 5s, but my denise needles were out and i don't have 4s with that set. it's a pretty minor issue. oh other little thing. my last skein of the cotton fleece was a different dye lot. i was planning on mixing the last two skeins, but then got lazy, and unfortunately, you can tell the difference in certain lights. the bottom three or four inches of the sweater are a different color, as are the neck and arm bands. but in most light you can't tell, and hopefully it won't be glaringly obvious. i learned my lesson though - laziness in knitting does not pay off!

now that this sweater is off my plate, i am starting brigitte with some rowan cotton braid that i picked up for cheap. i think it's also about time i started up on my brother's socks again. better luck to me this time!