Tuesday, March 13, 2007

bits and pieces

i'm finally working on the foot part of the first of my brother's socks! i don't know why these are taking so long...i mean, i thought the long part would be the size 13 foot part, not the leg, right? needless to say, i don't think these will be done for my brother's birthday on the 26th...hopefully it won't be too long after that though. also, hopefully the stockinette will even out a little with some blocking. i'm not feeling too jazzed about these at the moment

i've also been working on clementine...this is such a fun knit! it's easy, and i think it's shaping up nicely. i'm about 10 rows from being done with the increasing of the first half. i don't know if this is a common feature of lace shawls or not, but this shawl is knit in two identical pieces, then kitchenered together at the end. i'm a little freaked out by the prospect of so much kitchener stitch...that will be about 70 stitches, which right now seems daunting. i've done it before, and it's not technically hard, but it still scares me!

other than that, i haven't been working on much these days. we're in the process of shopping for our first house (more likely condo or townhouse), so that is taking up a lot of my free time at the moment. it's exciting but scary - wish us luck!