Monday, March 05, 2007

trekking to shoreline

this weekend i bought...more sock yarn and another sock book! two things i definitely don't need, but i oh-so-wanted them, so there you go. they are mine!

first up was some trekking xxl in shade 100. i believe this shade is somewhat famous, and i can see why - it's so cool and stripey, and the colors are perfect. on friday i braved the horrible rain and made my way over to village yarn and tea in shoreline to check out the store and also to say hello to yarn pirate, who was having a trunk sale there that night. though the shop is a bit out of my way to go there regularly, i'm glad i got to see the place and try out a new yarn store - i tend to only buy yarn from one or two shops here in seattle, and sometimes i forget that there are actually lots of great places here. i picked up some yarn pirate (not for me!), and then somehow that trekking found it's way into my hands and just wouldn't let me put it down. it was love at first sight - i'm having dreams of rainbow stripey loveliness, possibly in the form of another pair of ribbed socks from knitting vintage socks. and as the predominant color here seems to be green, i think these may have to be made for april/may project spectrum - we'll see!

and then there is the new interweave sock book, favorite socks. i went to get it a week or so ago at weaving works and was told that they couldn't keep it on the shelves. but they put me on a hold list for when they got more copies in, and saturday i finally picked up my copy. i don't think i love all of the patterns, but i do love a lot of them. i'm thinking the padded footlets will be one of the first i make - they sound so cozy and cushiony, and they look pretty quick to make as well. i'm all about the slipper sock, so i think i'll get a lot of use out of these. and meida's socks, and the embossed leave socks, are beautiful too. and the bonus of buying this book is that it has put me ten tiny little dollars away from filling my punch card at weaving works! i guess that means i've spent quite a lot of money at weaving works over the past couple of months, but never mind...i get free yarn next time i go!

no knitting of consequence to show off...later this week i'll have a turned heel to show on my brother's socks (which are taking forever), as well as the clementine shawlette that i've started, and some quilted coasters that are going to be so cute!

i'll just leave you all with a little taste of the springtime that seems to be settling in it was easily 60 degrees outside, and when i was walking home tonight, i found this beautiful tree, filling the air with the smell of flowers. yay!