Saturday, March 17, 2007

yay, yarn!

thanks everyone for all the well-wishes on the home-buying front. it's pretty exciting! though this is a prime case for my true worry-wort self to show through.

so today has been so good! i wish all saturdays were like this. we started out by spending a few hours with our realtor looking at places, then i've just spent the rest of the day relaxing and getting free yarn! i went to my favorite yarn store to spend the final $10 on my punch card ( i got two balls of jamieson's shetland spindrift for some more stranded mittens or fingerless gloves) and with my filled card, i got a few skeins of cotton fleece to make
fakeagamo. free yarn=free purse!

when i got home, i had a package waiting for me from my friend aruni. aruni and i both frequent a music message board, but on this board she and i and a few others have secured a tiny little corner where we can talk about knitting. and we all decided to do a little secret pal swap type thing. so aruni was my swap person, and she sent me the best stuff!

aruni (who has a blog by the way...
go check it out!) lives in nyc, and she sent me some gorgeous silk/cotton blend yarn from school products, in a great burgundy color. she also sent me some noro aurora that i'm really excited about, and some habu textiles silk/mohair blend that i'm seeing as a cute little lacy scarf. and she also knitted me a dishcloth! i really scored. thanks aruni!

and on top of all that, i get to go to the theater tonight to see this play. hope you all have a good weekend too!