Friday, March 23, 2007

winning the battle...

...but unfortunately, not the war.

here we have one completed, giant boy sock. awesome! i'm half way done with what turned into a pretty boring project.

but here's where this story gets sad. when i finished the sock, i was so excited, and quickly coerced my husband into trying it on for me. he kind of grumbled a little, then obliged, taking off his sock and shoe and pulling on the new sock. and he tugged and pulled and kind of twisted, and finally sort of managed to get the sock on his foot, but clearly, it was a bit too small. the heel is fitting weird, and the sock just looks, well, stretched. and the sad part? my husband wears size 12s. these socks, for my brother, were supposed to fit a size 13. my excitement very quickly turned to panic and just....aaaaaiggggghhh! how could this happen? it's not a gauge issue, and i used a sock size card to figure out how long to make it. where did i go wrong?!

so my brother hasn't actually tried it on yet. we're seeing him on sunday (for his birthday dinner...i am officially not getting these socks done in time), and i'm going to have him try it on. maybe my husband just has really fat feet (sorry honey!). but if not, and if they don't fit, then what? i've never ripped back a sock before. i don't think i'd know what to do. it can't be that hard - these are just plain stockinette afterall, but when i make a mistake in my knitting, i have to admit, i usually will either ignore it or just start over. that's terrible, isn't it? so i'm looking at this as a potential learning experience. i don't want to start over!

wish me luck (or wish for my brother's foot to fit...)!