Wednesday, March 28, 2007

fake it 'til you make it

i'm sure you've all been sitting on the edges of your seats, waiting to find out if the sock fit my bro's foot, right?! well he called me yesterday to say that in fact, it's way, way not going to fit. at this point, i'm ok with it. i think i've recovered. but i'm not feeling the urge to start over right away...he's moving to vancouver in august for grad school, and i've promised to have them done by then...that seems fair, right? he probably wouldn't be wearing them now anyway since it's warming up. but when i do start over, i think i will go up a needle size (or rather, switch to the addi turbo size 1s that i recently bought, which are bigger than the inox size 1s i was using), and i think i might use a different heel flap. i think the pattern has a dutch heel flap, and it looks cool, but i feel like even with a bigger sock, this heel isn't going to fit right. so that's my plan, and i'm sticking to it....when i feel like it, that is!

moving on...last week i had a miserable cold and i still am suffering from insane sinus pressure. no fun! it's left me absolutely exhausted in the evenings, and completely uninterested in knitting. still, i managed to knit one half of my fake-a-gamo bag last week. i'm making the bag in a pretty yellow called buttercream, and if all goes to plan, this will be my first yellow-green-pink project for the next two months of project spectrum. i am way excited to be starting the new colors...i have a lot i'd like to get done in those two months. i have an orangina that i started last july that it would be nice to finish (it's a lovely fennel green), i have two sock yarns that would make perfect green and pink project spectrum socks, and i also plan to make some endpaper mitts as a birthday present. plus i do have some gray and white projects to finish as well!

anyway, back to the bag, it's such a fast and fun knit! i love the part where you double-wrap the stitches, then drop the double wrap on the next round and knit all 11 of the stitches together. it's such a cool trick. i'm using cotton fleece instead of the called for classic elite provence, and as a result it's knitted up quite a bit smaller than the pattern's called-for dimensions. i think i'm ok with that though, and i think this is going to look pretty cute when it's all done. i'm going to line it with this fabric, and i still haven't decided on handles. but the big question is, curlicues or no curlicues?